Q: Submitted RFE no response from USCIS

I passed the initial naturalization interview last April 26 2017. The USCIS officer failed to send me an RFE letter for that is why I personally handed over my case dispostion documents last August 17. These closed cases are from more than a decade ago. I have not received an update on my case. How long does USCIS usually respond or make a decision to after submitting an RFE? How can I be sure if they are going to approve or deny my Naturalization Application?


Lynn Garfinkel

Jan 30, 2018


While I can't give advice about your case specifically as I don't know most of the relevant facts, I've identified a few issues from the sentences you wrote above and I can speak generally about issues that come up in these cases. USCIS is looking not just looking at the 3 or 5 year period prior to applying to naturalize, they go back further under certain circumstances. If you have a criminal record, they are also checking to see if you are "deportable." If you committed certain types of crimes within 5 years of getting your green card for example, that may make you deportable. So that is why they may be relevant. When you handed over your records, were they "certified copies"? And did you get a stamp on a copy of what you submitted to prove you filed it? To get a response on a delayed Natz case, an applicant has several options. First, applicants can do an "infopass" appointment to speak to someone at your local field office (where the natz interview was conducted). If you didn't get a certified copy and/or if you don'thave proof that you filed the record, you could and check if they got it or get another "certified copy" of the conviction, bring a copy of the record, and ask them to stamp your copy when you hand over the recrordays to make a decision after interview. If they don't, applicants with pending naturalization cases can sue the government in federal district court. The best thing you could do is hire an attorney to help you follow up and file suit if need be. Good luck.