Q: Peruvian woman in US for 12+ yrs (visa overstay) seeks to work legally

What type of proceeding would be effective to obtain status/prevent adverse action taken against a 65+ Peruvian woman who initially came to the U.S. via a visa overstay. Her sister was (and still is) a permanent resident in CT, so she flew there via a tourist visa 13 yrs ago, and never left. She left behind her husband and daughter, who are still in Peru. After a few odd jobs, she moved to FL 12 yrs ago to provide 24/7 care to the husband (incapacitated) of a woman who employs her a live-in caretaker/maid and remains employed there. She brought her son to FL approx 10 yrs ago (35 yo male w/Downs Synd) who also overstayed his visa. She seeks to earn wages legally. She has an ITIN. What are her options?

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