Q: O-2 Personnel

Hello, Our artist staff includes a BodyGuard Social Media Videographer/Photographer Tour Accountant Logistics coordinator Personal Driver for Artist personal driver for Band Members I have contacted serveral Union Labor Organizations and they do not accept these positions. I looked on artistsfromabroad.org and they do state, "The consultation requirement is waived for purely administrative management positions, such as executive directors, and business administrators, financial officers, business representatives and others with no direct input into the creative aspects of the production. To support a waiver request on grounds of lack of an appropriate labor organization, explain there is no relevent labor organization.” So my other question would be what information should i include in the waiver request, do i send it with the visa or before and should i do this for all of the above positions mentioned or just the ones that they stated? Our company is based in the US and i have processed several Non-immigration visa but never with those positions.

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