Q: My parents received an Parole document (512L) with an error. I need ad

I applied I-130 for my parents and that has been approved. I applied for I-131 and I-485 (but did not apply for I-765). The 485 is pending but I-131 was approved. The Advanced Parole was approved in November and the document I-512L contains the following: "PAROLE: The named bearer of this authorization is an applicant for asylum. The bearer departed the United States temporarily and intends to return to the United States to resume processing of the asylum application." The applicant for asylum seems to be in error. My parents applied for I-485 and the reason was Family based (Immediate relative of a U.S. citizen, Form I-130). Specifically, they have not filed Asylum status Form I-589 or Form I-730. I have called UCSIS two times and the agents tell me that the document is fine and they can travel with it. My questions 1) Is it advisable to travel with this document. The document says asylum but they have not applied for asylum. 2) Should i send the original I-512L document and ask UCSIS to correct the error. thank you very much

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