Q: Greencard Interview Employment Based Coming up

Dear lawyers, My EB-3 based employment based greencard interview is coming up. I am a little nervous because I had violated my visa status due to an unauthorized employment for 3 months. Long story short, I was an F1 student and enrolled in CPT program to work for company X from Jan 2012- Jun 2013. From July 2013- Sept 2013, I continued to work for company X without CPT authorization anymore I was under the impression that I was eligible to work under CAP GAP at the end of my CPT while waiting for the decision of my H1B which was filed in April 2013. Just found out recently that CAP GAP was only for OPT. On Oct 1, 2013, I continued working with company X and worked under H1-B visa. When I applied for I-485, there's a question: Have you ever violated the terms of your visa or overstayed your visa? Have you worked under the authorization? I answered No on paper. What's the best way to handle this on the interview?

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